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About Us

Leeds Stained Glass understands that your church is more than a building. That’s why we specialize in services that help enhance your congregation’s worship experience.

A member of the Stained Glass Association of America, Leeds Stained Glass not only manufactures and installs custom stained glass windows and frames for churches, but also provides steeples, baptistries, church furnishings, church flooring, and church renovation and repair throughout the Southeast, from Texas to Georgia and from Florida to Kentucky.

Founded in 1980 by Terry Barnes, Leeds Stained Glass offers both professionalism and experience, with more than 35 years of experience in the church furnishings business.

Leeds Stained Glass works closely with churches to ensure each custom stained glass creation captures the message they want to convey. Whether the stained glass is used as art, to tell a story or to illuminate its theology, the church determines what is depicted, even down to design and color.

Additional services offered by Leeds Stained Glass are available to suit a number of budgets and can easily be customized to your unique needs. For example, baptistries come in a range of sizes, pews and furnishings may be custom-built to match existing seating, and carpet may be dyed to coordinate with upholstery.

Leeds Stained Glass provides full-service installation of stained glass, flooring, steeples, and baptistries. We pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding quality and timely service with each installation and renovation. For your peace of mind, we also carry contractor liability insurance and cargo insurance, and hold a hazardous materials handling bond.

Ultimately, our services do more than decorate or adorn your church—our goal is to help emphasize its beauty and individuality.

To do this, we combine our many years of experience together with your church’s needs and requirements to deliver a multi-dimensional solution to complement your church’s interior and exterior. Then we combine the resources of experienced craftspeople and artists with more than three decades of stained glass design and manufacturing expertise.

The result is a beautiful interpretation and illumination of your church’s message so your congregation’s worship experience is magnified and your light shines even brighter.

Terry Barnes
Cell: 205-936-9410