Church Furnishings - Leeds Stained Glass
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Church Furnishings

The worship space in your church is a special one, and making it comfortable and inviting is part of enhancing the experience for your congregation.

For more than 35 years, Leeds Stained Glass has furnished churches, funeral homes and courtrooms throughout the country with quality new pews and custom-designed seating.

We specialize in the transportation and restoration of all worship facility seating and furniture. That means our dedicated staff will remove your furniture and church pews and transport them in our specially-designed trailers to our facility. There, your furnishings will be refinished, repaired, re-stained and/or re-upholstered according to your fabric and stain selections.

When the restoration is complete, your furnishings will be shipped and re-installed by our specially-trained installation team. By completing the entire process with our own highly skilled craftspeople, we can guarantee the highest quality at a reasonable price.

All of our repairs are completed in a professional and efficient manner, and we carry liability and cargo insurance to cover all phases of our work.

We have the unique ability to build new church pews, chancel furniture and replacement parts to match existing seating. This important resource allows churches the freedom to expand their sanctuaries while preserving their history and architectural integrity.

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