Steeples - Leeds Stained Glass
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Church steeples not only provide an aesthetic adornment for houses of worship, but also a focal point to encourage all who see it to shift their gaze heavenward.

Leeds Stained Glass is experienced in installing and maintaining steeples for churches so they fill this significant role.

We offer molded fiberglass church steeples with Gelcoat finish that are specially designed to withstand severe weather conditions. These ¼” thick fiberglass steeples can be mounted directly to the roof or adapted to fit an existing tower.

Customization is available, as all colors are molded in during the manufacturing process, which will provide a beautiful maintenance-free finish that will not stain the roof or tower, even after years of weathering.

Standard models feature easy-mount molded-in anchor plates that are pre-cut to fit roof pitch. But many more models, including custom designs, are available at all price points so there is a solution to fit any budget and any need.

Expert installation is available, as well as some self-install options with smaller models.

Rely on Leeds Stained Glass to assist you with your church steeple selection and installation.

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